One day not too long ago..2 Australian mamas were sitting on a back deck, sipping wine.. and talking up all the oxygen available.. when the conversation turned to life lessons.. and what they thought were the ones that certainly and without doubt needed to be learned. The two teenage daughters of the 2 mamas were, in turn, amazed, amused, and repulsed, by the words of wisdom tumbling forth from the mamas' mouths. These are, in no particular order, those words.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do not buy anything that is advertised on TV after midnight or by women called “Moira”.

Never trust a person whose forehead doesnt move.  Or whose lips  resemble a trout and whose cheeks resemble mounds (See Hunter Tylo).

Embrace your own natural beauty. The world would be a very boring place if we were all tall thin and blonde. Love your hourglass figure. Love your knobbly knees. Love your differences. ( this life lesson contains a special shout out to Nicole Kidman.)

Food that wobbles: jelly, blancmange, tapioca, rice pudding, flummeries and aspics: should not be trusted.

If you cant handle a 6 week old puppy... dont have a child.

always break an (freerange) egg into a cup before adding it to a recipe.

Items presented in Newspapers and  on Television News are NOT the only newsworthy things happening in the world.

When speaking in public.. speak slower than normal.and  take a nice big breath every now and then so you dont rush.

Do not judge the quality of a school by whether it is public or private. Judge it by the young people it  turns out.

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