One day not too long ago..2 Australian mamas were sitting on a back deck, sipping wine.. and talking up all the oxygen available.. when the conversation turned to life lessons.. and what they thought were the ones that certainly and without doubt needed to be learned. The two teenage daughters of the 2 mamas were, in turn, amazed, amused, and repulsed, by the words of wisdom tumbling forth from the mamas' mouths. These are, in no particular order, those words.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you cant afford flowers, cut some shrubbery from your garden. Green is cool and refreshing and looks so pretty in a big glass jar.

Quoting from Monty Python movies will never get old.

Never leave nail polish remover on wood.

Crayola crayons smell like childhood. Always have some in case of a colouring emergency.

Don't chew with your mouth open (see untidy room lesson)

Don't turn everyday chores into a major event.  Just do them and get on with life.

Adult women have pubic hair.  That is the way Mother Nature designed us.  You may sculpt your map o’ Tassie but, please, do you really want to look like a pre-pubescent girl at 30?

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