One day not too long ago..2 Australian mamas were sitting on a back deck, sipping wine.. and talking up all the oxygen available.. when the conversation turned to life lessons.. and what they thought were the ones that certainly and without doubt needed to be learned. The two teenage daughters of the 2 mamas were, in turn, amazed, amused, and repulsed, by the words of wisdom tumbling forth from the mamas' mouths. These are, in no particular order, those words.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

  Tell someone that you are sorry for what has happened to them, even if you did not cause it.

 Find something you are passionate about and make it a part of your life.

 It is OK to be afraid.

 It is OK to ask for help.

 It is OK to make mistakes.

 If you do hurt someone, tell them you are sorry for what you did.  Do not use words like “I apologise if…”

Admit your mistakes and offer to fix them before someone else makes a big deal about it.

 Be honest, but never be cruel.

 If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, spend as little time with them as you can.

 Get to know your family before they are gone.  They are your history and your future.

 Be nice to your siblings.  They are family and family will ground you.

 Exam results are important but they do not represent who you are, merely your ability to perform at that given moment.

 Being in any long term relationship is about compromise, on both sides.

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