One day not too long ago..2 Australian mamas were sitting on a back deck, sipping wine.. and talking up all the oxygen available.. when the conversation turned to life lessons.. and what they thought were the ones that certainly and without doubt needed to be learned. The two teenage daughters of the 2 mamas were, in turn, amazed, amused, and repulsed, by the words of wisdom tumbling forth from the mamas' mouths. These are, in no particular order, those words.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

  No means no, say it clearly and mean it.

 Do not expect your lover to know how to please you.  Tell them, show them.

 Know how to please yourself so that you never have to rely on your lover.

  Get a mirror and look at your body.  All of it.  Know what it looks like and what it feels like.  It is your body and you need to care for it.

  Find yourself a GP and stick with them.  Follow them if they move practices.

 Pap smear, dental checks and skin checks must be done every year.

  Tell the people you love them early and often.

Show the people you love them by doing things for them: make them a cup of tea, put petrol in the car, buy them a recharge for their phone.

   Gifts do not have to be expensive or bought to be meaningful.

  Surround yourself with things that you find beautiful, not what you are told is right or fashionable.

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